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Bronze Winner

Digital — Banners

Entrant: Memac Ogilvy, Dubai/OgilvyAction, Frankfurt/OgilvyOne, Frankfurt

"The Worlds Smallest IKEA Store"

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Description of the Project

With city populations on the rise, living spaces have become increasingly limited. IKEA believes that no matter how cramped your space, there’s always a solution. To demonstrate this, we built an entire IKEA store in a 10.5cm x 8.8cm web banner. We targeted people looking for studio flats as well as one/two bedroom apartments by placing our tiny stores in the real estate section of community websites. As with our full size stores, shoppers were able to browse by department, choose and buy any of our products on display.

Technical Directors: Jens Steffen/Niv Baniahmad/Hamza Afaq Graphic Designer: Gary Rolf Art Director: Gary Rolf Copywriters: James Bisset/Sascha Kuntze/Gary Rolf Creative Directors: Ben Knight/Robin Smith Agency: Memac OgilvyAction,Duba/OgilvyOne, Frankfurt Account Manager: Farnoush Pourebrahim Agency Account Director: Claus Adams Client Account Director: Katja Sottmeier Corporate Name of Client: IKEA

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