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Silver Winner

Digital — Health Care Services

Entrant: Cundari, Toronto

Hospital for Sick Children
"Pain Squad"

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Sound Designer: Ed Zych Editor: Cherie O'Connor Digital Designer: Stuart Thom Directors of Photography: Rob Dutchin/Kawal Singh Graphic Designer: Stuart Thom Programmers: Patrick Lee/Jin Kim/Ali Asim Agency Producer: Carol-Ann Granatstein Art Director: Mike Sipley Copywriter: Cory Eisentraut Associate Creative Directors: Cory Eisentraut/Mike SIpley Chief Creative Officer: Brent Choi Agency: Cundari, Toronto Agency Account Director: Mike Orr Corporate Name of Client: Hospital for Sick Children
Description of the Project

Every year at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, (or SickKids) they are treating thousands of children with cancer. One of worst parts of what these young patients have to go through is pain. To help combat it, the hospital needs their patients to keep a daily record of exactly how they are feeling. Unfortunately, after multiple treatments, many patients are too tired to keep detailed reports. And unless this data is collected daily, it is virtually useless. SickKids approached us to help find a creative solution to collect this data every day. And with that, the Pain Squad Mobile App was born.

Twice a day patients received an alert telling them to complete their report. With a flick of the finger, they could easily identify exactly where and how much it hurt, plus which medications were helping. To ensure patients would consistently file their reports, we built in an engaging reward and graduation structure. After completing 3 reports in a row, recruits would receive a motivational video featuring an actor from Canada’s top police dramas, Flashpoint and Rookie Blue. Due to its success the App is now being deployed to 4 other Canadian hospitals and will soon be available everywhere.

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