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Bronze Winner

Design — Environmental Installations/Displays - Temporary

Entrant: Scholz & Friends, Berlin

Siemens Washing Machines
"The Laundry Gallery"

Description of the Project

Objective: Siemens washing machines with anti-vibration design are extremly smooth and don’t vibrate even at fast spin-drying. This feature needed to be announced to our high-earning and design-addicted target group.

Concept: Out of usual household items we have built fragile sculptures and put them on the mentioned washing machines. Afterwards we have turned the machines on spin cycle. Eight of the sculptures were exposed on a temorary art-gallery in the center of Berlin – the "Laundry Gallery“. Posters, an online film and advertisements in local magazines have announced the vernissage in advance.

Target Audience: Higher earners in urban areas, who are enthusiastic about art and culture.

Film Production: Partizan Sculptures: Szymon Plewa Photographer: Szymon Plewa Graphic Designers: Susan Wesarg/Philipp Bertisch Agency Film Producer: Nele Siegl Agency Print Producer: Franziska Ibe Art Directors: Bjoern Kernspeckt/René Gebhardt/Sebastian Kamp Copywriter: Stefan Sohlau Creative Directors: Robert Krause/Florian Schwalme/Mathias Rebmann/Markus Daubenbuechel Executive Creative Director: Matthias Spaetgens Chief Creative Officer: Martin Pross Agency: Scholz & Friends, Berlin Agency Account Directors: Kerstin Seidel/Mehibe Tuncel Client Account Director: Sonja Ehmer Corporate Name of Client: Siemens Electrogeraete GmbH

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