Design — Posters

Entrant: I&S BBDO Inc., Tokyo

Ninshinihon Funeral Parlor
"Life is Endless"

Designer: Naomi Hou Art Director: Naomi Hou Copywriter: Mari Nishimura Creative Director: Mari Nishimura Agency: I&S BBDO Inc., Tokyo Corporate Name of Client: Nishinihontenrei
Description of the Project

Japanese funeral service has been caught up in its traditional form - the world of black and white only, reflecting their sorrow. While we can understand their sorrow, does this style really make the deceased happy? Perhaps a funeral service can suggest a new way to send them off, as their last ceremony?

Death is not just about sorrow - it's their last day but also their beginning. This should be the day to celebrate the life of the deceased. We developed a poster with these feelings, hoping to express death with hope.

The hint lied in pressed flowers, which people make from live flowers in order to keep its memory for all time. We used pressed flowers to shape human bones in a large-size poster, which can evoke the coffin size, showing their departing yet last colorful figure.

We implanted a new perception on people - funeral is not just about sorrow, which led to a new type of funeral service. It is a true ceremony to send off the departed in an out-of-the-box way.

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