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Design — Posters

Entrant: Landor Associates, Cincinnati

"The World's Smallest Poster"

Graphic Designer: Steve Pester Designers: Jeff Mauer/Natalie Brown Design Directors: Joe Napier/Adam Waugh Design Company: Landor Associates, Cincinnati Executive Creative Director: Gerhard Koenderink Corporate Name of Client: AIGA
Description of the Project

We don’t know if this is true, but we have yet to be proven wrong. This concept uses things designers love (pantone chips and small type) to inform them of a speaking event about sustainability and the impact their designs have on the world.

The AIGA normally prints 100+ posters for each event. This design consolidated this excessive amount of posters into one. A green Pantone chip was used to resemble a tree and the poster slowly disappears after each designer tears-off their own copy.

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