Silver Winner

Design — Motion Graphics - Animation

Entrant: Lowe Roche, Toronto

Type Bookstore
"The Joy of Books"

Sound Design Company: Grayson Matthews Strategist: Andrew Carty Cinematographer: Sean Ohlenkamp Animators: Sean Ohlenkamp/Lisa Blonder Ohlenkamp/Mike Takasaki/Hannah Charlick/Liz Walker Photographer: Sean Ohlenkamp Art Director: Sean Ohlenkamp Creative Director: Sean Ohlenkamp Agency: Lowe Roche, Toronto Corporate Name of Client: Type Bookstore
Description of the Project

As 2011 drew to a close in what was known as the year of the eReader, independent bookstores all over the world were shutting their doors for good. Type Books in downtown Toronto needed to rekindle people’s love of books in a big way. With no budget for media, Lowe Roche turned to earned media to spread the word, creating a video that celebrates the Joy of Books. This up-lifting video was produced in-house and reached 100,000 hits on YouTube by the end of the first day, growing to over 4,000,000 views online inside of a few weeks. The film was the subject of over 40,000 tweets by authors, celebrities, and press and it aired on television news programs on five continents. It was shown in classrooms and libraries all over the world and was even asked to be added to McGraw-Hill's Digital Learning Library.

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