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Gold Winner

Design — Client Promotion

Entrant: Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg/KOREFE, Hamburg

Gerstenberg Verlag
"The Real Cookbook"

Print/ Production: Pasta Prima/Buchbinderei Zwang Productioner: Martin Lühe Photographers: Jan Burwick/Christoph Himmel Graphic Designer: Christine Knies Design Company: KOREFE, Hamburg Art Directors: Reginald Wagner/Antje Hedde Copywriter: Gereon Klug Creative Directors: Antje Hedde/Katrin Oeding Executive Creative Directors: Sascha Hanke/Antje Hedde Agency: Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg Agency Account Directors: Gereon Klug/Inga Eickholt Client Account Director: Daniela Filthaut Corporate Name of Client: Gerstenberg Verlag GmbH & Co. KG
Description of the Project

Task: Develop a limited edition for the Gerstenberg Verlag, a publishing house that specialises in high-quality cookery and art books. The book was to be sent to business customers as part of a customer loyalty campaign to generate extra attention for Gerstenberg range of cookery book titles.

Idea: Make the world's first cookbook that truly deserves to be called that: you can actually cook and eat "The Real Cookbook" ("Das echte und einzige Kochbuch"). The pages are made of 100% fresh pasta dough, the book comes packaged as a traditional lasagne dish.

Solution: Opened up and filled up page by page with sauce mixtures and garnished with cheese, the world's first real cookbook is a lasagne that you can put in the oven and bake at 200°C. The text imprinted in the four innermost dough pages contains cookery tips and ideas.

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