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Silver Winner

Design — Use of Illustration Campaign

Entrant: Ogilvy Hungary, Budapest

Hot Wheels
"Baldy", "Grumpy", "Limpy"

Strategic Planner: Martin Alles Illustrator: Thomas Mangold Art Director: Zoltán Visy Copywriters: Karolina Galácz/Balázs Vizi Executive Creative Directors: Will Rust/Ferenc Benesch Agency: Ogilvy Hungary, Budapest Agency Account Director: Balázs Száday Corporate Name of Client: Mattel Toys Hungary Kft.
Description of the Project

Our in-store posters remind children and parents about the unique Hot Wheels experience. They capture children's imagination and show a world where Hot Wheels racecars disturb the lives of the tiny pedestrians: mice. They were displayed during the Christmas period.

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