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  • Dauro Oliveira

Silver Winner

Design — Signage

Entrant: Greco Design, Belo Horizonte

Dauro Oliveira
"Orthodontics Clinic Signage"

Description of the Project

The concept of the signage project for the Dauro Oliveira Orthodontics Clinic stemmed from the pieces used in the orthodontic equipment, more specifically the brackets and the rubber bands. A family of pictograms was then created, along with numbers based on the drawing and on the materials used in these elements. The result stimulates the user to positively interact with the treatment environment, moving the idea of pain and inhibition towards a solution that is able to elicit WONDERFUL SMILES.

Illustrator: Bruno Nunes Producers: Dani Pires/Alexandre Fonseca Designer Assistance: Fred Fita Designer: Tidé Design Director: Gustavo Greco Design Company: Greco Design, Belo Horizonte Creative Director: Gustavo Greco Client Account Director: Dauro Oliveira Account Manager: Victor Fernandes Corporate Name of Client: Dauro Oliveira Orthodontics Clinic

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