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Silver Winner

Design — Art Direction Campaign

Entrant: Jung von Matt, Hamburg

"Asterix and Obelix", "Ernie and Bert", "The Smurfs", "Ninja Turtles", "Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey and Louie"

Producer: Christian Will/Thomas Thiessen CG-Artists/CG-Photography: Matthias Christen/Florian von Behr/Faruk Heplevent/The Scope Digital Studio Designers: Julian Lebel/Daniel Zier Art Director: Reza Ramezani Copywriters: Johannes Milhoffer/Corinna Ernst Creative Director: Karsten Ruddigkeit Chief Creative Officer: Deneke von Weltzien Agency: Jung von Matt, Hamburg Agency Account Director: Marc-Olaf Duncker Client Account Director: Katharina Sutch Corporate Name of Client: LEGO GmbH
Description of the Project

Our Lego campaign aimed at inspiring parents and young adults for Lego.

Using only a few Lego Bricks, we’ve revived the childhood heroes of our targeted audience by sparking their imagination.

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