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Gold Winner

Design — Poster Campaign

Entrant: Dentsu Inc., Tokyo

East Japan Railway Company
"Get Back, Tohoku.", "One Line Connects Us All", "First Visit, Now First in My Heart", "Let Yourself Be Impressed", "Extra Helpings of Happiness (Seconds Anyone?)", "Come See What We Call "Date""

Description of the Project

Instead of an image-only campaign, we marketed Tohoku Support Pass train ticket packages under the slogan “Get Back, Tohoku”.

Shinkansen train cars were painted with dynamic designs connecting the regions of Eastern Japan.

Photographer: Yasutoshi Fujiwara Graphic Designers: Daisuke Hatakeyama/Rumiko Kobayashi Design Company: Creative Power Unit, Tokyo Creative Producer: Koji Wada Agency Producer: Taro Saito Art Director: Yoshihiro Yagi Copywriters: Hiroshi Ichikura/Waca Sakamoto Creative Director: Takuma Takasaki Executive Creative Director: Yukio Oshima Agency: Dentsu Inc., Tokyo Account Executive: Ken Masuda/Hiroyuki Nakayama Client Account Director: Hirokatsu Mibu Corporate Name of Client: East Japan Railway Company

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