Bronze Winner

Design — Innovative Use of Design

Entrant: KNARF®, New York
"The Steve Jobs Moment of Silence"

Digital Designers: Bryan Wolff Schoemaker/Hyui Yong Kim/Frank Anselmo Art Directors: Hyui Yong Kim/Bryan Wolff Schoemaker Copywriters: Bryan Wolff Schoemaker/Hyui Yong Kim Executive Creative Director: Frank Anselmo Agency: KNARF®, New York Client Account Director: Maria Palmeri Corporate Name of Client: Moment of Silence Inc.
Description of the Project

The Steve Jobs Moment of Silence is an 8 second silent audio file launched on iTunes and downloadable for 99¢. The 8 seconds symbolize the 8 years Steve Jobs fought pancreatic cancer. This small break in our iTunes library will remind us to never forget the man who brought us so much, including the very device The Steve Jobs Moment of Silence will ultimately live on–while helping in the fight against pancreatic cancer. All proceeds are donated to several pancreatic cancer organizations listed on the official site:

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