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Bronze Winner

Design — Innovative Use of Design

Entrant: DDB China Group, Shanghai

Family Care For Grassroots Community (China)
"The Keyboard of Isolation"

Illustrator: Jody Xiong Photographers: Nicholas Siau/King Zhang/Alex Chen Art Directors: Jody Xiong/William Zhang/Jack Xuan Copywriters: Leo Liu/Jody Xiong Creative Director: Jody Xiong Chief Creative Officer: Michael Dee Agency: DDB China Group, Shanghai Corporate Name of Client: Family Care For Grassroots Community (China)
Description of the Project

Brief: Family Care For Grassroots Community, a non-profit organization, wanted to communicate their call for spending less time online and more family time, in a ground-breaking way.

Solution: We made more than 100 various, vivid 9 cm figurines and put in sealed glass jars of different sizes. The glass jars with figurines were arranged in the form of a 5-meter-long keyboard, just like all the real-life family members being isolated in the keys. Every single person inside every single key had an isolated story. We extended the installation at outdoor plazas, hotels and metro stations.

Results: During two months of exhibition, an estimated audience of 1,800,000 was reached. 89% of them said they would like to spend less time online and more time with their families. Hundreds of TV stations, magazines, newspapers and websites reported the campaign in China. On Weibo(Chinese Twitter), it also attracted 35,700 retweets and 8,296 comments. CCTV even has a special report on this outdoor installation, and the installation has been showcased at the Beijing 798 Artzone, further creating more impact of the "keyboard of Isolation" on the society. After the exhibition tour, the installation was collected and exhibited by Zendai MOMA.

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