Billboard — Public Service/Social Welfare

Entrant: DLKW Lowe, London

The MicroLoan Foundation
"Pennies for Life"

Project Manager: Gidon Z. Cohen Photographer: Oli Kellet Photography Studio: Trayler and Trayler, London Art Buyer: Bel January Graphic Designers: Guy Sexty/Nick Smith Art Director: Paul Hancock Copywriter: Richard J. Warren Creative Director: Greg Delaney Executive Creative Directors: Dave Henderson/Richard Denney Agency: DLKW Lowe, London Agency Account Director: Gabrielle Gribbin Client Account Director: Rupy Kaur Corporate Name of Client: The MicroLoan Foundation
Description of the Project

The MicroLoan Foundation is a charity that helps women in Africa to set up their own small businesses. Our campaign is called 'Pennies for Life'. On a digital poster site, we created unfinished portraits of African women, made of pennies. Then we invited people to complete each picture by texting a donation. As soon as it arrived, the money dropped into place on the screen. Donors got a personal 'thank you' on the poster, and a credit on our microsite. And, from one poster site, in its first weekend, 21 women who had nothing now have their own small businesses.

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