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Silver Winner

Billboard — Innovative Use of Billboard

Entrant: Cheil Worldwide, Seoul

"Sunny Sale"

Description of the Project

Even though Emart is Korea's No.1 discount store, it has a weakness. Its sales drastically decrease during lunchtime. Therefore, Cheil Worldwide needed to find a way to increase sales from 12 pm to 1 pm to reinforce the market leader position.

How can we make it possible? We gave people a unique lunch shopping experience using the sunlight at noon and a shadow QR code. We installed a shadow QR code only available at 12 pm to 1 pm. When people scan the QR code it is automatically linked to the SunnySale mobile homepage. The users receive special offers including a $12 coupon. When users make a purchase on the online store the purchase is delivered directly to the consumer's home.

Over 12,000 coupons were issued and new Emart membership increased by 58% in February from the previous month. Sales of Emart mail increased 25% during lunch hours in February and media coverage on the shadow QR code promotion over the past month. Also, the most notable result of the SunnySale is that it made people 'Sunny' for at least one day.

Producer: U-Seok Lee Director: Young-Hyun Shin Application Interface Design: Yang-Keun Kim Media Artist: Won-Dae Ryu/Ki-Heon Shin Photographer: Ki-Hong Kim Photography Studio: H Studio, Seoul Graphic Designer: Jung-Seo Yang Art Directors: Hyun-Myung Kim/Jeong-Ki Seo/Ha-Rim Lee Copywriters: Byeong-Ha Lee/Ki-Seok Kim Creative Director: Se-Ho Kwon Executive Creative Director: Thomas Hong-tack Kim Chief Creative Officer: Ina Choi Agency: Cheil Worldwide, Seoul Account Executive: Jin-Taek Noh Client Account Director: Woosuk Han Corporate Name of Client: Emart

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